Why you should visit your dentist twice a year

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Why you should visit your dentist twice a year

According to the National Dental Association you should visit your dentist once every six months. Between your six month checkups you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing your teeth daily and using mouthwash to help remove plaque and bacteria as well as freshen breath. You should also make sure that you switch your toothbrush every 3-4 months.

These regular dental visits consist of a cleaning and a dental exam. During your checkup, Dr. Helfner or Dr. Curro will check for cavities and to see if there is tartar or plaque present. Dr. Helfner or Dr. Curro are concerned about plaque and tartar because they can cause oral issues and disease. After your teeth are checked Dr. Helfner or Dr. Curro will check your gums using a special tool that measures the distance between your teeth and gums. The shallower the space the healthier the teeth. Dr. Helfner or Dr. Curro will conclude your checkup by looking at your tongue, throat, face, head and neck. Through this check they are looking for any signs of swelling or possible signs of cancer.

One of our hygienists will be performing your dental cleaning, either Helen, Sarah or Iris. They will start by using a special tool to remove tartar, this is called scaling (which can not be done by brushing at home). After your teeth have been cleaned they will be polished which helps in the removal of surface stains. The final step in a cleaning is flossing to make sure that in between your teeth are clean as well.

Oral hygiene is extremely important and does not only affect your teeth and gums but your overall health. Three out of four adults are affected by gum disease at some point throughout the entirety of their lifetime. Dr. Bonnie Helfer and Staff are available to help with any of your dental questions or concerns. Feel free to contact them at 631-858-9800.

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