Why it is important to have a professional teeth cleaning 2-4 times a year

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May 17, 2016
Family Dentistry in Commack
Family Dentistry in Commack
May 25, 2016
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Why it is important to have a professional teeth cleaning 2-4 times a year

On average, most people see their dentist at least twice a year, once every six months is the standard. You go into the dentist’s office, sit back in the chair, underneath the scope of the Dentist’s magnifying glass. The dentist will then proceed with the cleaning, let you know how your teeth are looking, gums, etc. The dentist will subtly remind you in a cheerful way “see you in six months,” and you’re on your merry way.  

It’s a different experience at the dentists office of Bonnie Helfner DDS. Located in Commack, Helfner and her well trained, educated, polite, and friendly staff is ready to offer you the highest standard of personalized dental service. Helfner and her team believe that dentistry involves more than simply treating your teeth, it involves treating your overall comfort.

Residents of Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island have benefited from the excellent dentistry skills of Helfner and her team of dental associates. They will make you their highest priority, and establish a relationship based on trust, mutual respect, and open communication. They will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Dr. Helfner would like the residents of Commack, and Long Island to know that sometimes visiting your Dentist a little more than two times a year, sometimes at least four times a year, is necessary. In an article called How Often Should I go to the Dentist for a Teeth Cleaning? written by Dr. Mark Burhenne, owner of AsktheDentist.com, Burhenne states that at the very least you should be seeing your dentist twice a year. Tartar and plaque form at different rates, in some patients, much, much faster than others.

It is apparently a common thing to have a patient come in one week, and then come back in two weeks for a procedure, and tartar and plaque has already accumulated after a cleaning from two weeks ago. Burhenne states that when dentists polish the teeth, the skin of the tooth will dissolve away, but over the course of a few days will make a reappearance. After it has reestablished itself on the tooth, plaque will stick to the tooth and build up over time.

Another reason why it is a good idea to see your Dentist 2-4 times a year is the treatment and prevention of Gum Disease. Gum Disease is 100% preventable, but once seen, is 100% unpreventable. Based on the kinds of food you eat, your personal hygiene habits, smoking, drinking, acidic drinks, will all play a factor in if you develop gum disease, and how bad it will be.

If you live in the Commack area, or in a surrounding area in Nassau and Suffolk counties, get in touch with Dr. Helfner’s office today and see Dr. Helfner and her team can do for you. They are committed to making the most of your dental experience, while keeping your overall health and well being at the top of their priority list.


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