Why Flossing Is Good For You

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Why Flossing Is Good For You

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Flossing is one of the most universal recommendations for people involved in public health; flossing daily prevents gum disease and cavities. But recently, the federal government published the latest dietary guidelines that state flossing recommendations has been removed without any notice to physicians.

If the federal government claims flossing isn’t recommended for you why should you continue flossing? Dentists may disagree, so now the big question has come into light, “Is flossing a waste of time?”

One study showed that people who brush and floss regularly are less likely to have gum bleeding compared to brushers alone.  If you do not want you gum to bleed, you may want to keep flossing a priority.

An even bigger difference between people who floss compared to people who don’t floss are the measures of people’s unhealthily big “gum pockets” which is an indicator of gum disease. There are people with gum pockets as big as 6 millimeters.  When these people start flossing, the gum pockets can reduce to 3 millimeters.

Overall, flossing reaches smaller tooth gaps in parts of your teeth you can never reach with a toothbrush. Getting into these spaces decreases or breaks up the amount of plaque bacterial biofilm on your teeth. If the plaque is not taken care of, the plaque can cause cavities or other unwanted diseases in between the small spaces in your teeth.

Dentists are surprised by this new guideline, however most dentists can tell you that they see the difference between flossers and non-flossers. If you still need proof to know why it is important to floss, or if you need to schedule your next dental appointment, Bonnie Helfner will be happy to help you out.  Bonnie Helfner office is conveniently located in Commack.  You can call her office at 631-858-9800 or visit her website: https://bonniehelfnerdds.com


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