What Are Veneers and Why Do I Need Them?


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Do you have stained, chipped, decayed, or crooked teeth? If so, then veneers may be the option for you. They help to provide a natural, attractive look, and are difficult to stain, making them great for you to have a perfect smile.  If you are interested in veneers and are searching for a cosmetic dentist near me, contact Bonnie Helfner, DDS and schedule an appointment today!

Installing veneers is an irreplaceable treatment, which makes it a big decision for those seeking them.  That is why it is important to consider the facts and sit down with our dentist to discuss before making a decision.  If and when you decide to install veneers, it will give you a beautiful, long-lasting smile.

Why Veneers?

Veneers are less intrusive than crowns or braces.  They can be used to correct small misalignments that do not call for the more intrusive alternatives.  Patients also consider veneers as an option to help the brightness of their smile and to help correct issues like discoloration, chips, or fractures.    

What to Expect

Before going into the procedure, you should know what to expect.  First, we will remove a small amount of tooth surface to allow placement of the veneer. Then, an impression will be taken of the tooth which will then be sent to the lab for examination. The veneer is then constructed to custom fit your tooth and mouth.  Lastly, during this procedure, the veneer is bonded to the tooth with a resin cement.

Cosmetic dentist near me

Veneers have been a proven successful cosmetic dentistry procedure for years. We have helped patients to leave the office with a bright smile that will last.  If you are considering veneers or other procedures involving cosmetic dentistry and are searching for a cosmetic dentist near me, then come in for an appointment with Bonnie Helfner, DDS. We can help you to feel confident, and find that beautiful smile you have been searching for.  

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