At-home teeth whitening vs cosmetic dentistry

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Our smiles say a lot about us, and a bright, white smile can say even more! Many of us want to have beautiful, white teeth that get noticed every time we smile. There are a variety of different methods you could use to try and achieve that ideal smile whether it be an at-home teeth whitening remedy, or you could visit a cosmetic dentist near me. At Bonnie Helfner DDS Cosmetic Dentistry, we can provide you with both a safe and easy method for whitening your teeth that can be done both in office by us, or by you in the comfort of your own home. Both methods will leave you with long-lasting, beautiful results that will only make you wish you did it sooner. Let’s talk more about all of your options when it comes to teeth whitening whether it be at-home methods or other cosmetic procedures.

Methods for At-Home Teeth Whitening:

There are so many products that you can utilize at home to help you whiten your smile, but these methods come with both positives and negatives. Here are some of those methods:

  • Whitening rinses – Like a mouthwash, you just rinse the liquid around in your mouth for about a minute and then spit it out and you’re all done. Although it is incredibly easy to do, the liquid is only in contact with your teeth for a short time, and the whitening will only happen slowly and gradually over time.  
  • Whitening toothpaste – You use these like any other toothpaste, except they contain ingredients that help remove surface stains on your teeth. Similar to a rinse, the whitening will happen slowly and gradually over time and they can leave your teeth feeling more sensitive than normal.
  • Gel strips – Typically with gel strips, they would be placed over your teeth once a day for anywhere up to 2 hours depending on the product. Gel strips also gradually whiten over time but results should show quicker within about 10 to 20 days.
  • Whitening trays – Similar to gel strips, a tray filled with gel will be placed around your teeth. These typically whiten the quickest of the at-home methods, but the trays aren’t custom made and can scratch or irritate your gums.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening:

Doing a teeth whitening procedure with a cosmetic dentist is the quickest and easiest way to get whiter teeth. Since a dentist is present, a stronger bleach can be used to get more immediate results. Most often the procedure utilizes custom made trays so that your gums are protected. Light or heat sources may also be utilized to help speed up the whitening process. While the results will appear quicker than at-home teeth whitening methods, getting a cosmetic procedure will likely be more costly and the procedure can take a long time.

How a Cosmetic Dentist Near Me Can Help:

Speaking with a cosmetic dentist near me can help you be certain that you are getting the best results possible when it comes to teeth whitening. At Bonnie Helfner DDS Cosmetic Dentistry, we want our patients to achieve the perfect white smile they are looking for. We offer our special Zoom! teeth whitening procedure that can be done in our office in just one simple 1-hour session, or at home throughout a few nights done by you. Zoom! Teeth whitening is a simple and pain-free procedure that utilizes a special light-activated whitening gel that can provide immediate results. If you have any questions, contact us for more information on how we can help you achieve the perfect smile!

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