Question from Facebook Follower Samantha N. – How can I maintain the whiteness of my teeth after professional teeth whitening?

Answer from Dr. Kristin Curro

That’s a good question!  There are several ways to maintain your whitening at home. One way is to limit the staining foods and drinks as much as possible (coffee, tea, dark sodas, red wine, berries) or if possible brush your teeth or drink water after having these. You can also use a whitening mouthwash which contains mild amounts of peroxide, or a whitening toothpaste. Additionally, in our office, we provide complimentary take home trays and whitening gel with our in-office treatment. This way, people can “touch-up” their whitening as needed – whether a few days each month, or as desired before a special event. Hope this advice helps! 

Question from Facebook Follower Mary E. – I have terrible dental anxiety. Do you have any tips to overcome my fear?

Answer from Dr. Kristin Curro

Dental anxiety is more common than you would think, so you should know you aren’t alone in your fear!  The most important thing is finding an office where you feel comfortable.  Start off by scheduling something simple like a check-up and cleaning, so you can meet the staff, hygienist, and doctor, as well as familiarize yourself with the office.  So many times after this visit people are more at ease should they need any additional treatment.  Also, try scheduling early appointments so you don’t have the whole day to allow your anxiety to build.  We have TVs in our operatories and offer the use of wireless headphones if you wanted to drown out the noises.  For those who want something extra to put them at ease, nitrous oxide (aka sweet air, laughing gas) is a simple and safe option.  We go out of our way to make everyone feel comfortable and find that even the most anxious patients leave feeling much better than when they arrived – so please don’t let your fear keep you away! We are looking forward to helping you keep and maintain your healthy smile for a lifetime!!

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