Foods That Stain Your Teeth

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Foods That Stain Your Teeth

The same advice is given to everyone who wants to preserve their teeth’s whiteness: avoid coffee, smoking, wine, and tea. The punchline to that bit of advice is every main offender of teeth staining is addictive in some sense. There are specific qualities about these beverages which also cause other foods to stain teeth.

Let’s say you prefer tea and replace black tea with green or white tea, well this is an immediate help since the tea is not directly staining your teeth however, what you eat after ingesting the tea will cause staining. Uniformly the beverages listed contain acid and tannins, which softens your tooth enamel and makes the surface more susceptive to staining. If you drink a white tea then eat some chocolate, the chocolate is staining your teeth more than it would normally because of the tea.

Watching the food you eat is as important as cutting back on the coffee, so let’s go over some basic principles of what food cause the most staining. Any food with high acidity such as lemons, balsamic vinegar, or tomatoes, while a lemon may actually briefly clean teeth it’s high acidity causes teeth to become that much more vulnerable to other foods. Any food with pigmentation, such as berries, can cause staining after eating or drinking anything acidic or anything that contains tannins.

Once teeth have been stained over-the-counter teeth whitening products are meant more for maintenance rather than immediate results. If the stains are ingrained too deep, you may need to have your teeth whitening professionally done. If teeth whitening appeals to you and you live in Suffolk County, New York, Bonnie Helfner is a Commack-based dentist who handles both medical and cosmetic dentistry. If you need your teeth whitened Bonnie Helfner offers a wide variety of solutions to suit your needs.

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