Does your child athlete use a mouthguard?

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October 14, 2016
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Does your child athlete use a mouthguard?

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Everyday, if you are a hygienic person, you brush your teeth and maybe even floss. It’s not a secret that taking care of your teeth is incredibly important and is constantly stressed for as long as you can remember. If you play sports that have any sort of contact, whether it be football, rugby, or basketball, you should wear a mouthguard, and more specifically, one that is customized or molded to your mouth. There is a difference between buying a mouthguard at a store and getting one from the dentist, however. This is because the ones bought from a store are only effective if you clench your teeth, whereas the custom ones from the dentist create a precise duplication of the patient’s mouth and allow for maximum protection with no clenching required.

There are six reasons for someone to wear a mouthguard, especially a child. The first is that they protect against tooth fractures, and even if the tooth is fractured, it’s very likely and possible that the dentist can fix it. Mouthguards can protect against tooth displacement. If you aren’t wearing a mouthguard, and you get hit in the face with a ball or something similar, your tooth may be displaced, if you’re lucky. If this happens when you’re wearing a custom mouthguard, the teeth will be cushioned and the mouthguard will distribute the force throughout your mouth so that a single tooth doesn’t take all the force. The third reason is that mouthguards protect against knocking out a tooth. The fourth reason to wear a mouthguard is to protect against soft tissue injuries. The fifth, and possibly the most important reason, is that mouthguards may protect against concussions. The final reason for wearing a mouthguard is that they protect against jaw fractures. Without a mouthguard, you are sixty times more likely to suffer a tooth injury. If everyone wore a mouthguard, it would be possible to significantly reduce the number of teeth knocked out from contact sports per year, which currently stands at about 5 million teeth. As of now, mouthguards have prevented up to 200,000 oral injuries per year.

If you or your child needs a mouthguard that is more reliable than one that is store-bought, Bonnie Helfner DDS can help you to obtain a custom mouthguard. Bonnie Helfner DDS is conveniently located in Commack, so it should be relatively close to where ever on Long Island you live.

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