What is the Difference Between a Dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist?

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In order to have a healthy smile, it is imperative that you are regularly seeing a dentist. Keeping up with your oral hygiene is so important. That is why visiting a dentist can help with more than just giving you a quick cleaning. They offer services ranging from:

  • Regular Cleaning
  • Disease Prevention
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction 
  • & more!

Keep in mind though, that there are some dentists that can offer more than just the typical services provided. At Bonnie Helfner DDS, a cosmetic dentist in Commack, we can help you in a few other areas. With our cosmetic dentistry treatments, we can help you gain confidence with a bright smile. 

Now let’s discuss the difference between making an appointment with a dentist versus a cosmetic dentist!


Visiting your regular dentist every three to six month is recommended to maintain a healthy smile. During your appointment, the dentist or dental hygienist will perform:

  • A comprehensive cleaning – By extensively cleaning your teeth and gums, your dentist will be able to remove plaque build-up and tartar to prevent gum disease.
  • An examination – Your dentist will do a thorough observation of your teeth to ensure there is no sign of any disease. 
  • An x-ray – This test will help your dentist examine the structure of your teeth to see the way they are growing. 
    • For example, when your molars grow in, an x-ray will show if they growing directly upward, or crowding into your other teeth. Cysts, tumors, and bone decay can also be found in an x-ray.

Cosmetic Dentist in Commack:

Your visits to the dentist are necessary, but when it comes to cosmetic desires, those visits are your own decision to make. Patients will voluntarily seek a cosmetic dentist for the following services: 

  • Porcelain Veneers – Don’t want to deal with the hassle of braces or other tooth aligning products? We understand that aligning teeth takes time. Porcelain veneers are bound to your teeth to resemble a new, healthy smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Commack will make them specifically for you. The best part is that no one will know you have them. With proper maintenance and care, they can last up to ten years.
  • Zoom! Whitening – Coffee, tobacco, and other consumables are known to stain your teeth over time. Gain your confidence with a bright smile with a cosmetic dentist in Commack. By bleaching the enamel of your teeth, your teeth will turn 8 shades lighter in just over an hour. We offer two different options for convenience purposes:
    • Zoom! In-Office System – In just over an hour, we bleach your teeth with hydrogen peroxide. As it breaks down, the oxygen lifts any stains off, while leaving the shape of your tooth unchanged.
    • Zoom! At-Home System – The active ingredients are the same, but instead of coming to our office, you have the convenience of lightening your teeth at home at a maximum of five nights for 30-45 minutes per night, depending on your desired shade.

In our comfortable environment, we gladly care for patients of all ages. Our priority is YOU. Whether you are looking for a regular, routine cleaning or a cosmetic procedure from a cosmetic dentist in Commack, make an appointment with Bonnie Helfner DDS today.

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