Teeth Whitening

August 4, 2017

Teeth Whitening 101

  There are many ways to whiten your teeth and improve your smile. Brushing and flossing are two main ways to keep your teeth white. Patients want to improve their smile by whitening their teeth. If you are in the Commack area you should make an appointment with Bonnie Helfner DDS. At Bonnie Helfner DDS., they can help clean your teeth, improve your smile, and whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening is a process that makes your teeth appear whiter by removing stains and any other discolorations in your teeth. Different ways to whiten your teeth include whitening toothpaste, strips, mouthwash, […]
January 21, 2019
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Learn About Teeth Whitening

It only takes a few seconds to make a first impression, and one of the first things people notice is your smile. We all try to keep our teeth bright and white by brushing and flossing daily. Yet sometimes we fall short of being consistent. Fortunately, there are ways to reclaim your once pearly whites and teeth whitening is one of those ways. It offers a fast way to improve your smile safely and effectively.  If you are searching for a cosmetic dentist near me to help you achieve a whiter smile, then Bonnie Helfner, DDS can help you achieve […]
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